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  • What products can I use?
    We recommend Nairobi, Olive Oil by Ors, or Silicon Mix Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • How much hair do I need?
    In our gold bundles: 12" to 14"- 2 bundles 16" to 20"- 3 bundles 22" and up- 4 bundles In our rose gold bundles, 12" to 18"- 2 bundles 20" to 24"- 3 bundles 24" and up- 4 bundles (for extra volumtious hair)
  • How do I properly wash my extensions?
    1. Before washing, comb through extensions (starting at the ends working your way to the top) with a wide tooth comb. 2. You can now begin to wash your extensions. As you're washing, DO NOT massage extensions. Gently glide your fingers through it as if you're detangling it. 3. Rinse hair throughly 4. Distribute an even amount of conditioner throughout extensions. 5. Repeat Step 1. 6. Rinse hair. 7. Let extensions air dry.
  • Can I color my extensions?
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  • What size should I get? Do I want to size down in order to have the tightest fit?
    Please follow the sizing chart for a guide on what size to order based on your unique measurements. If you are between sizes, we recommend you order a size up.
  • Can I exchange my garment for a different size?
    Normally, yes we do accept exchanges upon inpection of the garment once we receive it. However, due to covid-19 we are not accepting exchanges at this time for you safety and the safety of other customers.
  • How do I wash my garment?
    We recommend you hand wash your garment in cool water, rinse thoruoughly to remove all dirt, sweat and odors. Hang to dry.
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